FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions – Group C

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group C
FIFA World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
Title: 2022 World Cup Group Stage Qualification Analysis – Group C

FIFA Qatar Introducing Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. In Group C’s situation is more like two strongholds battling, others are just participating.

Argentina, the former South American soccer superpower, but this time Mexico is entering into the fray of the FIFA World Cup. For this year, the United States has played a difficult battle against Mexico, Mexico is also a team of soccer superpower.

For Poland, during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification – UEFA Second Round. First Russia got removed from the list, therefore Sweden National Football Team played against Poland National Football Team. It was an uphill battle for both teams.

Lastly Poland wins the match, but if Poland ought to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, they still lack competitiveness. As for Saudi Arabia, needless to say, just participating.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
Argentina: The team with the highest odds of qualifying

Chance of Advance: ★★★★★

In the past two World Cups, Argentina was the runner-up during FIFA ’16 and made it into the Semi-Quarter-Final during FIFA ‘18. This year’s World Cup could be the closest for Argentina in retrieving the Gold Cup.

Sure, there is no problem letting Messi be the core and build all tactics around him. But the same old problem, can Messi and Argentina comprehend to perform thoroughly during the game is the key. This year Argentina strengthened their ability on the defensive end to fill up a loophole.

This adjustment allowed Argentina to achieve 5 wins and 1 draw as a team in the past 6 games, which means the front & back end are well balanced. Argentina is very likely to advance.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
Mexico: The thorny powerhouse from South America

Chance of Advance: ★★★★★

People who are not familiar with football may not be familiar with Mexico, but this team is definitely one of the strong team known for its competitiveness. Believe it or not, but history proves that for the past 7 World Cups; Mexico has made it out of the group stage every time.

Compared to any well-known traditional European or American Football Teams, this statistic is impressive. Another fun fact; no matter who plays Mexico in the first game in the group stage, even a strong team like Germany has the chance of being eliminated.

This time, the Poland National Football Team is likely to be eliminated by Mexico. In addition, from the past experience when Mexico matches up with Argentina, although the result was a loss. Mexico would make sure the opponent takes a heavy toll to win, which shows how competitive Mexico can be.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
Poland: Play-off victory qualifies for World Cup

Chance of Advance: ★★★

Due to the Russian National Football Team being disqualified during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification – UEFA Second Round, Poland National Football Team advanced to play against Sweden National Football Team.

But before let me fill you in, the Sweden National Football Team just finished an overtime playing against the Czech Republic. In the end, Poland National Football Team defeated Sweden by home court advantage and luck. Gather their tickets to the World Cup.

In brief, the Poland National Football Team has an average defense but overall, still lacking skills, they need to give it all out and maybe some luck in order to advance. On the other hand, the only topic of Poland National Football Team versus Argentina National Football Team is the top match between Lionel Messi & Robert Lewandowski.

Two of today’s top football stars competing with each other, should be one of the hottest topics for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
Saudi Arabia: Falcon in Asia, Birdie in FIFA

Chance of Advance: ★★

Saudi Arabia had an outstanding performance in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification – AFC (Asian Qualifiers) and advanced to the World Cup by first place in the division.

However; according to past experience, the Saudi Arabia National Football Team scored 0 : 8 against Germany back in 2002, and scored 0 : 5 against Russia back in 2018.

In brief, Saudi Arabia National Football Team aka. The Green Falcons can only be a falcon in Asia, a little birdie when playing against other European or American Football Teams. Another bad news for Saudi Arabia is to match up with Argentina in their first match. I am afraid it is going to be a slaughter.


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