QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: 5 Controversial Goals in the History of the FIFA World Cup


QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: This will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup, Qatar World Cup has now kick-off and like any other world cup, this mega event will also bring some controversies. In this article, we’re going to talk about controversial goals; at the same time, the world cup shows the brighter images of everything, but it shows the darker side of players as well who don’t set any limits to score in the mega event and want to win the points for their team. Although Video Assistant Referee services have been available in the mega event since the 2018 World cup, controversies are bound to Happen.

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So, before the start of the 2022 World Cup, let’s take a look at the five most controversial goals in the history of mega-events:

QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: Frank Lampard vs. Germany (2010 World Cup):


England played Germany in Johannesburg in a knockout tie in South Africa. Germany scored two goals in the first half, England scored one, and it was moments later when everyone thought they had made a comeback, but the goal wasn’t given, and the Three Lions went into dismay.

Frank Lampard scored a long-distance beauty, and it seemed to everyone in the stadium that the comeback had been made by England even though the ball was over the line about a yard, but it wasn’t given. Voices for Goal-line technology got a lot louder after this incident.

QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: Carlos Tevez Offside Goal vs. Mexico (2010 World Cup):


It was a round-of-16 fixture between the current 3rd in FIFA rankings, Argentina and Mexico, where Carlos Tevez headed Argentina 25 minutes into the game.


Although it was yards offside, the referee allowed the goal. And the whole situation worsened when that goal was replayed on the big screen inside the stadium, which was like adding salt to the sugar, and this led to the fights out on the sub’s bench, and the referee got surrounded by the entire Mexican team.

Moreover, this goal further strengthened the opinion of using the Goal lines in the World Cups.

QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: Thierry Henry Goal vs. Republic of Ireland (2009 World Cup Qualifiers):


This was a crucial fixture in the context of playing in the 2010 world cup, where the Republic of Ireland was stopped from qualifying because of handball and an offside goal. This controversy occurred in the 2nd leg of the 2009 World Cup Qualifiers between France and the Republic of Ireland. France won a free-kick in the 103rd minute of added time near the halfway line. Florent Malouda delivered the ball into the penalty box. Thierry Henry stopped the ball with his left arm, then controlled it again with his hands before crossing it to William Gallas into the six-yard box, who scored the winner by heading the ball into the back of the net. Later, the handball was discovered, but still, the referee allowed the goal. Due to that goal, France progressed, and Ireland failed to qualify for the 2010 World cup.


Later, Henry apologized for the deliberate handling of the ball and said that he was very ashamed of his actions.

QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: Geoff Hurst’s Goal vs. West Germany (1966 World Cup):


Before the 1986 World cup, when the “Hand of God” incident took place, Hurst’s goal at the 1966 World Cup Final against West Germany was considered the most controversial one in World Cup history.

The incident occurred in the 11th minute of the extra time when Geoff Hurst’s slid into the penalty area and struck a hard shot beyond the German diving goalkeeper into the crossbar. The ball bounced down under the bar and then out again. The referee discussed with the then-linesman and announced that the ball had crossed the goal line and awarded the goal to England. It’s difficult to say whether the ball crossed the line or not because of the grainy footage of the game. Nonetheless, it was this controversial but memorable moment when England won their only World Cup Trophy.

QATAR WORLD CUP FIFA: Diego Maradona’s Goal vs. England (1986 World Cup):


Undoubtedly, Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” stands first as the most famous one. The 1986 World Cup Quarter-final between Argentina and England was one of the most memorable, controversial, and fractious games in World Cup history. It was in the sixth minute of the second half when Maradona found himself onside after England midfielder Steve Hodge inadvertently lobbed the ball back toward his own goal in an attempt at clearance. As the ball came down, Peter Shilton, the England goalkeeper, jumped up to punch the ball away, and Diego Maradona jumped too.


At first, it seemed like Maradona got to the ball and sent it into the back of the England net. However, it turned out that Maradona had hit and sent the ball into the back of the net with his left arm and what’s more surprising was that the referee didn’t rule out the goal and insisted that the plan was legit.


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