USA and Wales Head to head in their first game in 65 years

USA and Wales Head to head in their first game in 65 years

USA and Wales Head to head in their first game in 65 years

A phenomenal match with both teams equally matched in defense, striking, and attack, but a slight opportunity provided to Wales allowed them to stay in the game. However, there is still a long way to go and competitive teams to face both teams.

The first 45 minutes were dominated by the Americans who got the lead after a wonderful goal by Tim Weah. There was a quite high chance of the USA finally winning over Wales after both countries had their first game in 65 years. It would have been a total embarrassment for Wales if they had lost this game considering the fact they returned to a world cup game after a long period of 64 years.  

This opportunity was canceled by the most athletic Gareth Bale after scoring a shooter penalty and equalizing the game. Apart from this, Wales regained their strength and adopted a rather attacking position to win over the Americans. That’s the reason they had the most possession in the second half.

The reason Wales was being dominated by the USA was because of Mr. Page, the manager of wales, as he decided against sending in the center-forward player Kiefer Moore. It deprived them of a strong attacking position. However, Mr. Page spoke highly of Gareth Bale and called him an intelligent player who knows what to do at the right time.

The coach of team USA Gregg Berhalter was nothing but proud of his team for putting up with such a beautiful game, but was slightly upset as they could have bagged themselves a win if the goalkeeper hadn’t done that blunder in the 86th minute of the game.

The positive play in the first half from team USA almost lead them to win the game, however, beautifully equalized by Gareth bale. The Wales supporters in the stadium cheered and roared as soon as the ball passed the keeper and landed in the goal.

Although the USA goalkeeper Matt Turner had outperformed and saved multiple goals, he couldn’t save the penalty goal from Gareth Bale. He did touch the ball slightly, but it was hit with such power that the ball barely moved after the keeper touched it. A careless foul from Walker Zimmerman provided Wales with a golden opportunity which they conceived well and drew the game.

In addition to the above, the biggest question of the night was the availability of Gio Reyna. Even though Gio Reyna was in full form and fitness, he wasn’t given a chance to play the game. Critics say he could have proved highly beneficial for team USA in the last minutes of the game when the USA was giving their best to score that goal to take them a step ahead of Wales.

The final substitution by Gregg Berhalter was made to send Jordan Morris onto the field and bring back Tim Weah. Morris wasn’t helpful on the field, as, in his 11 minutes of the game, he barely managed to touch the ball. In addition, he told the reporters that Gio would be playing against England.

Rober Page has been giving excellent performances as the manager of the USA team, but his playing 11 wasn’t up to the mark, and it was fortunate they were dominant in the first half. Robert Page replaced Ryan Giggs after Ryan failed to perform.

Although most might consider his decision great when the team was instructed to pace upfront, others criticized his decision. They said it wasn’t a great decision since they had no out ball and couldn’t physically outperform a much faster and younger side. In the game against Iran, he will hopefully bring out Kieffer Moore, who performed great.

USA and Wales Head to head in their first game in 65 years

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