Both Siani and Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

Both Siani and Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test: The Indian cricket team performed well in the previous test matches against the Bangladeshi team, but they won by a slight margin. Bangladesh seemed to have won the previous series with luck because it seems that the Bangladeshi batsmen and bowlers are not performing at all.

In the second and first one-day international match against India, they performed well and destroyed their batting lineup. Moreover, the Bangladeshi batsmen also caused a lot of destruction and scored a lot of runs. Furthermore, their fielding was also great, and caught some extraordinary catches.

When we talk about the Indian captain Rohit Sharma, he is also suffering from injuries and will not be able to play in the upcoming test in Dhaka. Rohit Sharma was injured in the one-day international match against Bangladesh.

 Rohit Sharma received a thumb injury when he was playing against Bangladesh. However, even though he received the thumb injury, he continued to bad and scored around 50 runs with an injured thumb. It was very heroic of him, but it still couldn’t help India in winning the match against the Bangladeshi team.

Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

Both Siani and Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

In addition to the above facts, India came with a comeback in the next one-day international match. It was a massive blow from the Indian side because they gave Bangladesh a huge target of 410 runs.

Most of the runs were scored by Ishan Kishan. Ishan Kishan came as a replacement for Rohit Sharma, as his injury could have gone worse if he played. Rohit was injured when he was fielding at the slip, and the ball hit his thumb.

After the injury, he was directly flown home to treat his injury. Thankfully it wasn’t very serious and just got a few stitches. The stitches were necessary because there was a slight tear of the muscle. Not only that, but Rohit Sharma also discolored his thumb, which caused him pain.

After his stitches, Rohit Sharma was consulted by his medical team to not play any more matches until he fully recovered.

Ishan Kishan was never supposed to play because Rohit Shamra was already playing for the Indian team. However, India gave him a chance, and hence he took full advantage of that opportunity and proved himself.

Now the Indian team management will look towards him if a power play would be required in the team. In addition to the above news, the pace bowler playing for India, who is named Navdeep Saini, is also out of the test match in Dhaka.

Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries 1

Both Siani and Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

The news isn’t pleasant for the Indian cricket team because they are already out of pace bowlers, and if further injuries occur, India will not have any quality pace bowlers.

Jasprit Burmah is suffering from back injuries, and that is why he want not able to play the t20 world cup and the current test and one-day international matches with Bangladesh. In addition to the above player, Muhammad Shami is also out of the series with Bangladesh because he is suffering from shoulder injuries.

Both back and shoulder injuries are critical and take a lot of time to heal. That is why it might take more than usual for Muhammad Shami and Jasprit Bumrah. Most experts of the game say that there is a chance they might miss the upcoming day of the international World Cup.

The Indian team should focus on their team and play with caution to prevent any more players from getting injured or else they will be forced to play with their B team which will be an issue as they are not as experienced.


Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

Both Siani and Rohit Ruled Out of Dhaka Test Due to Injuries

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