Debate Topic: If Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever?

Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever

Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever? The name says it all! India is a country where cricket lovers are the most and when a player like MS Dhoni emerges with such talent, their fan base is separate. This genius captain brought a whole new look to India’s cricket.

Ms Dhoni is not only a fierce fighter when it comes to handling his team in the worst of circumstances but also works assiduously to carry out the perfect action plan for the team. However, the tales of Mahindra Singh Dhoni do not end here and it shall be seen why he has been given such a title.

Firstly, his performance during “The tests” shall be looked into. These are regarded as the most strenuous composition of the game, but with such hard times, his numbers were always making everyone proud.

Under his captainship, the most test matches played with a win percentage of 45 percent. Furthermore, his total record here was 60, out of which he won around 27, lost 18, and where the draw was at 15.

Nonetheless, he had bad days where he lost 15 out of 30 test matches which sole reason why they playing overseas test matches it is hard for such a developing team to play against the experts like South Africa, Australia, and England. Looking at the bright side of his career, his team was the first one in the longest cricket format when he held up the test maze.

Moving on to the one-day cricket matches, he was the star here by being the most successful of them all. Such statement came to light because he was the most sharp-witted captain the team had ever gotten. The truth can be seen in his stupendous record which he has given over the years.

Debate Topic: If Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever?

Firstly, under him, the win percentage was 59.57, where the total matches played were 199 and the team won 110 and lost only 74. Ms Dhoni was controlled, cool-headed, and exceedingly calm which became the very key to his success.

Under his tenure as an ODI captain, the Indian team reached new levels when they were made the world champions. The most rewarding moment for him was winning the one-day world cup and it finally ends with him lifting three ICC trophies as a captain.

Furthermore, Dhoni’s performance in the T20 was far more mesmerizing because he was the first captain to win the T20 world cup inaugural. He has a record for being a captain who has a plethora of T20 internationals with the most win. Looking at the stats, there were 72 matches played out of which 41 were victorious, but 28 lost, however, the win percentage was 59.28.

This result shows how he was a prodigy on India’s teams. His journey started with this team where he worked hard with these young players and lead them to play on the international stage.

Being the captain was the most fruitful thing ever for the Indian cricket team. This team won 4 out of 6 limited tournament finals with more than five team Ms Dhoni set the bar so high that no Indian could ever achieve it and the reason for this is that he always wanted to achieve everything in his life.

One thing is certain, Ms. Dhon’s left his marks as the best captain of the Indian team. To add on, Sachin Tendulkar was in favor of him being the captain of the team.

The hard work shown by him and his existence for the Indian cricket team changed everyone’s frame of mind and no one even denies this because he is Ms Dhoni and he will be the best captain this team ever had.


Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever?

Debate Topic: If Ms Dhoni is Best Captain of India Ever?

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