Sreesanth Accuses Gambhir of Calling Him a ‘Fixer’: What Really Happened?

Sreesanth Accuses Gambhir
Sreesanth Accuses Gambhir

Sreesanth Accuses Gambhir of Calling Him a ‘Fixer’

During a Legends League encounter in Surat, former India fast bowler S Sreesanth has claimed that his former teammate Gautam Gambhir called him a “fixer”. Sreesanth is a T20 player with the Gujarat Giants, whereas Gambhir is the captain of the India Capitals.

Sreesanth shared a video that was taken on the sidelines of the post-game award ceremony on Instagram following the game, which the Capitals won by a score of 12 runs. “Without any provocation, he kept on calling me something which was very rude and shouldn’t have been said by Mr Gautam Gambhir,” said Sreesanth. “I wanted to set the record straight right away, and I am in no way at fault. The remarks he made while watching live cricket on a field are unacceptable.”

Although Sreesanth did not immediately address what Gambhir was believed to have said to him, he provided additional information in a second video that was uploaded to Instagram on Thursday, the day following the game.

In a recent turn of events, former Indian cricketer S Sreesanth has accused his ex-teammate Gautam Gambhir of calling him a “fixer” during a Legends League Cricket (LLC) match. The incident has sparked a heated exchange between the two players, leading to an internal investigation by the LLC. Let’s dive into the details of what transpired and the subsequent fallout from the altercation.

The Allegation and Verbal Exchange

During the LLC match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants, Sreesanth claimed that Gambhir repeatedly called him a “fixer” on live television. In an emotional video posted on his social media, Sreesanth expressed his disbelief and frustration over Gambhir’s alleged remarks. He also mentioned that Gambhir used the same language towards the umpires when they attempted to intervene.

Sreesanth’s Response

Sreesanth, known for his controversial past involving the spot-fixing scandal in 2013, maintained his composure during the altercation. He stated that he did not respond with any abusive language but questioned Gambhir about his remarks in a sarcastic manner. Sreesanth emphasized that he did not utter a single harsh word and was perplexed as to what prompted Gambhir’s reported outburst.

Gambhir’s Cryptic Response

In response to the allegations, Gambhir took to social media and posted a cryptic tweet. He shared a picture of himself smiling with the caption, “Smile when the world is all about attention!” The timing of his post, just hours after the video surfaced, added fuel to the fire.

LLC Launches Internal Investigation

The LLC, concerned about the incident’s impact on the league’s reputation, announced an internal inquiry into the matter. The league aims to uphold the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship and will not tolerate any breaches of the code of conduct. The LLC’s Code of Conduct & Ethics Committee will rigorously deal with any evidence of misconduct found against Gambhir or any other party involved.

Sreesanth’s Controversial Past

To fully understand the context of the current situation, it is essential to acknowledge Sreesanth’s past involvement in the spot-fixing scandal. In 2013, he was one of three Rajasthan Royals players banned due to their alleged participation in the scandal. Sreesanth faced legal consequences, including a jail sentence, but the Supreme Court later overturned the ban, reducing it to a seven-year suspension that ended in 2020.

Fallout and Legal Notice

Following the public exchange between Sreesanth and Gambhir, the LLC commissioner served Sreesanth a legal notice for breaching the player contract. The notice stated that Sreesanth’s actions, including sharing videos on social media, violated the terms and conditions of participating in the LLC. Talks between the league and Sreesanth will only resume once he removes the videos from his social media accounts.

LLC’s Stand on Misconduct

The LLC has made it clear that it will not tolerate any misconduct, both on and off the field, including social media platforms. The league is committed to upholding the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship. The Head of Code of Conduct & Ethics Committee, Syed Kirmani, emphasized that necessary action would be taken against players who bring disrepute to the league, the game, and the teams they represent.

The Impact on the Match

Shifting focus to the LLC match itself, India Capitals managed to post a formidable total of 223/7 in 20 overs. Gautam Gambhir played a crucial role, scoring a half-century, while Ben Dunk and Bharat Chipli contributed with valuable runs. Rajat Bhatia stood out as the standout bowler for Gujarat Giants, taking two wickets for 37 runs. Despite strong performances from Chris Gayle and Kevin O’Brian during Gujarat’s chase, the India Capitals’ exceptional death bowling secured a 12-run victory.


The verbal exchange between Sreesanth and Gambhir during the LLC match has caused a significant stir in the cricketing world. Sreesanth’s accusation of being called a “fixer” by Gambhir has led to an internal investigation by the LLC. The league is committed to maintaining the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship and will take necessary action against any violations of the code of conduct. As the investigation unfolds, cricket fans and observers eagerly await the resolution of this controversy.

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