Surya Kumar Yadav Has a Big Surprise Waiting for Everyone – India vs Sir Lanka T20 2023

Surya Kumar Yadav India vs Sir Lanka T20 2023

Surya Kumar Yadav Big Surprise for Everyone: His star value has skyrocketed, but the 360 ​​player is as humble and down-to-earth as ever. The walk from the locker room to the floor was different this time. Suryakumar Yadav has wanted to wear the blue jersey at the stadium of Wankhede all his life. In 2023, 12 years after the debut, that day will finally come.

Wankhede has always been Surya Kumar Yadav’s home. Two years after his debut in India, he was named vice-captain of the team. Life was all about ticket requests now for which he didn’t have time to respond to all requests.

His family is certainly one of the thousands in the stands. If some MCA insiders are to be believed, SKY is the crowd who held hands in the first-ever India-Sri Lanka T20 match on Tuesday.

Moving on, after the Ranji Trophy match a few days earlier, Surya Kumar Yadav said that it was a dream come true to play for the Indian national team. He was looking forward to playing in the colors of the Indian team at home. Who wouldn’t want to wear an India jersey at home?

Growing up I dreamed of playing at this stadium. I imagined dropping those steps on the ground. Although IPL was the place I did this, it was a different experience in India.

Furthermore, he appreciated everyone for example there were some officials who he has been seeing over the last decade as he came down the stairs, with a few fans that waited to take pictures. For the world, he is a start but for himself just Surya.

Surya Kumar Yadav Has a Big Surprise Waiting for Everyone – India vs Sir Lanka T20 2023

To add to this, coaches like Vilas Godbole who gave their time to Mumbai under 22, leave very generous comments about him. His words, I have not seen anyone as talented as him, and even at the time, he told him that he will play for the Indian team.

His views give is the perspective that he should have come in earlier and joined the team but even not him playing is not but remarkableness. On an end note, he says I have seen Tendulkar closer but not someone as special as him.

Moreover, every player in this game comes with his distinctive qualities but Surya Kumar Yadav on the other hand could be called an all-rounder player.

Yadav Godpaul’s confidence reminded me of the late Vijay Manjrekar. This player bats with arrogance and confidence. The best bowlers set the tone for the game. They know where the bowlers are going to go. That’s a mark of a great batsman.

From Gavaskar having it to Tendulkar, I see this in Surya too. Additionally, Surya Kumar Yadav’s story was very successful. He was sacked as Mumbai captain mid-season a few years ago, and there was a time when the starting staff decided he wasn’t good enough to break into the starting 11.

He’s been through it all. Some fans waited outside the MCA-BKC stadium after last week’s Ranji Trophy match.

Mumbai and the world have embraced his batting style. The North Stand gang was different. Former Delhi Walker Shakti Singh recalls encountering the wrath of Mumbai fans while playing the game in the 1990s.

Moreover, and to end this with a happy note, while standing at the signal, a Mumbai police car stopped when they saw him take pictures with him. On this, he is in a happy tone said that how the times have changed for him.

Nevertheless, it is also important that this success does not get to his head, but all is good as confirmed by his teammates. He gets a welcoming greet from khan as “look, who is here, the tiger”.


Surya Kumar Yadav India vs Sir Lanka T20 2023

Surya Kumar Yadav Has a Big Surprise Waiting for Everyone – India vs Sir Lanka T20 2023

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