Was IPL Final 2023 the Greatest Sporting Extravaganza in the History of Indian Cricket | The Stunning Emotions of IPL Final

Was IPL Final 2023 the Greatest Sporting Extravaganza in the History of Indian Cricket

Was IPL Final 2023 the Greatest Sporting Extravaganza in the History of Indian Cricket | The Stunning Emotions of IPL Final

Ahmedabad Stadium was transformed into a sea of yellow as fans gathered for the highly anticipated IPL final. The atmosphere was electric, filled with tears, joy, and relief, as the match delivered a thrilling spectacle that left spectators in awe. The standout moment of the night came in the final ball, showcasing the extraordinary skills of MS Dhoni, the ice-cool captain who rarely shows his emotions.

Super Cool Stumping of MS DHONI

Ravindra Jadeja, the left-arm spinner, delivered a ball that every spinner dreams of. It had perfect drift, sharp turn, bounce, and whirr. Shubman Gill, who had been in incredible form, was completely beaten. However, it was the lightning-fast reflexes of Dhoni that stole the show. In an astonishing display of his skills, he stumped Gill in a mind-boggling 0.12 seconds, faster than any stumping he had ever executed before. The crowd erupted in celebration as the big screen signaled “OUT,” defying the expectations of the home crowd supporting the Gujarat Titans.

Close Finish | CSK vs GT

Jadeja’s batting prowess was also on full display throughout the match. His fluid strokeplay, lazy elegance, and powerful pulls left the audience mesmerized. However, there have been times when Jadeja felt uncredited by the fans, leading to cryptic social media outbursts and speculations about a rift between him and Dhoni.

But sports always provide unexpected second chances, and Jadeja seized his opportunity in the final over when CSK’s hopes were fading. With 10 runs needed off two balls against the formidable death bowler Mohit Sharma, the pressure was immense. Dhoni, uncharacteristically seated with his eyes closed, appeared to be praying fervently. Jadeja, defying the odds, smashed a yorker-length delivery for a six over long-on, bringing the equation down to four runs off one ball.



The tension in the stadium was palpable, and Stephen Fleming, the coach, couldn’t bear to watch. He later admitted that he was preparing himself for a heartbreak. But Jadeja’s incredible shot to the leg side left everyone astounded. The crowd erupted in manic celebrations, transforming Ahmedabad into a gigantic party. Strangers wearing CSK’s yellow jerseys embraced each other, exchanging hugs and fist bumps. Tears of joy flowed freely, and everyone eagerly awaited the victory speech, displaying an eagerness reminiscent of waiting for exam results.

Celebrations after IPL Final

The celebrations extended beyond the stadium, with fireworks lighting up the sky in Bengaluru and an airline pilot announcing scores to passengers on a Dubai-Chennai flight, receiving profuse thanks from the excited cricket fans. As Jadeja ran towards Dhoni, the captain, in an unprecedented display of emotion, lifted him in celebration, defying his wonky knees. It was a heartwarming sight, considering the speculations of a rift between the two. Jadeja, still teary-eyed and overwhelmed with emotions, dedicated the win to Dhoni, acknowledging his mentorship and support since their association began in 2009.

Fans and Dhoni | IPL 2023

The fans, unwilling to leave despite the late hour and the long commute awaiting them, strained their ears to catch every word of Dhoni’s speech. When he announced his intention to come back for another season, the crowd erupted in triumphant roars, experiencing a mixture of ecstasy, joy, and relief all at once. The scenes highlighted the impact Dhoni has had on the team and the city of Chennai, leaving fans with a sense of uncertainty about life after him.

As the fireworks lit up the sky, Ambati Rayudu, playing his last IPL game, proudly received the trophy alongside Dhoni and Jadeja. It was a fitting end for a player who epitomized Dhoni’s leadership style. Dhoni’s display of emotions during his speech revealed a man aware that he is approaching the twilight of his illustrious career but eager for one final crack.



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