Will Pakistan be Left Out Asia Cup 2023? Who will host the Asia Cup?

Will Pakistan be Left Out Asia Cup 2023
Will Pakistan be Left Out Asia Cup 2023?
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Will Pakistan be Left Out Asia Cup 2023? Who will host the Asia Cup?

The Asia Cup 2023, one of the most anticipated cricket events of the year, is now facing uncertainty due to an ongoing controversy surrounding the venue. Reports have emerged suggesting that the tournament could proceed without Pakistan, as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has expressed their reluctance to send their team to Pakistan.

The BCCI has emphasized that the event should take place at a neutral venue, raising questions about Pakistan’s involvement in the tournament. This development has left cricket fans and experts wondering about the future of the Asia Cup.

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Solution

In response to the BCCI’s stance, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has proposed a hybrid model as a potential solution. The PCB is not inclined to host the event outside Pakistan, as it would have an impact on their efforts to bring international cricket back to the country.

The hybrid model suggested by the PCB involves hosting four matches of the group stage in Pakistan, while the remaining matches would take place at a neutral venue. However, it seems unlikely that the BCCI will accept this proposal, leading to further uncertainty about Pakistan’s participation in the Asia Cup 2023.


Sri Lanka as a Possible Alternative Venue

Amidst the ongoing discussions, there are strong indications that the Asia Cup 2023 might be relocated to Sri Lanka instead of Pakistan. According to a report by The Telegraph India, all other participating nations, including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, have agreed to play in Sri Lanka if Pakistan does not participate.

The report suggests that the Pakistan Cricket Board might be informed of this decision at the next executive board meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). The PCB would then have to comply with playing in Sri Lanka or withdraw from hosting the event altogether.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Tournament Format

If Pakistan decides not to participate in the Asia Cup 2023, the tournament’s format may need to be revised. As of now, the four teams expected to compete in the tournament, in addition to Sri Lanka, would be India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

However, the inclusion of a fifth team is still undecided. The final decision regarding the tournament’s format and participating teams will likely be made once the PCB’s participation status is confirmed.

ICC Delegation’s Visit and Mediating Role

In a recent development, a delegation from the International Cricket Council (ICC) visited Pakistan and declared it a peaceful country for sports. The delegation expressed satisfaction with Pakistan’s capability to host the 2025 Champions Trophy, indicating that the country has the potential to organize major cricket events.

The ICC delegation also hinted at playing a mediating role between the PCB and the BCCI. They sought assurance from Pakistan regarding their participation in the upcoming World Cup, hoping to resolve the ongoing controversy surrounding the Asia Cup.

Conclusion: Uncertainty Looms Over Asia Cup 2023

As the controversy surrounding the Asia Cup 2023 continues to unfold, uncertainty looms over the tournament’s fate. With the BCCI reluctant to send their team to Pakistan and the PCB’s refusal to host matches outside the country, the possibility of the tournament taking place without Pakistan is becoming more likely.

Sri Lanka has emerged as a potential alternative venue, and other participating nations seem inclined to play there if Pakistan does not participate. The final decision rests with the ACC and the PCB, whose next executive board meeting will determine the course of the Asia Cup 2023.

Cricket fans around the world eagerly await a resolution to this situation, hoping to witness an exciting and competitive tournament regardless of the final outcome.

Will Pakistan be Left Out Asia Cup 2023?
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