Confident that FC Goa will have a successful ISL 2023 season: Manolo Marquez

Confident that FC Goa
Confident that FC Goa

Confident that FC Goa will have a successful ISL 2023 season: Manolo Marquez

FC Goa is in the midst of its preseason preparations with the 2023–24 season of the Indian Super League (ISL) drawing near. The team’s recent Durand Cup semi-final appearance has given them momentum, and they are keen to carry that success into the 2017 ISL season under the direction of head coach Manolo Marquez. Marquez, along with teammates Noah Sadaoui, Udanta Singh, and Muhammad Nemil, discussed the forthcoming league season and other topics during the ISL 2023–24 Media Day in Bengaluru.

FC Goa’s Spanish head coach Manolo Marquez went into the next campaign with cautious confidence. He underlined the need for careful planning and the significance of not underestimating the competitors. Speaking before the competition is extremely risky, I say in every interview, Marquez said. “We are aware of our desire to win the Cup. However, the immediate objective is to arrive at our season-opening encounter in the best manner.

Marquez acknowledged the strain that comes with being a coach while expressing his satisfaction and belief in FC Goa. Coaching a team like FC Goa is a special and interesting challenge for someone from a football-loving nation like Spain. He is adamant that the squad will have a good forthcoming season. Additionally, Marquez underlined that handling pressure is a crucial aspect of a coach’s work and something they enjoy doing.

“The season will be excellent for us, and I’m quite thrilled about that. For me, the fact that pressure is an inherent part of what coaches do is another reason I believe they enjoy their work. I’m enjoying it too,” he continued.

FC Goa has been one of the ISL’s most reliable clubs since its inception in 2014, making the playoffs on six of its previous nine occasions. As a result of the Gaurs’ failure to advance in the last two seasons, the Club’s thought tank decided to rebuild the team this summer.

Since the ISL’s start in 2014, FC Goa has shown to be one of the league’s most reliable clubs, making the playoffs six times out of the league’s nine seasons. But the team’s failure to earn a postseason spot in the previous two seasons left them disappointed. This prompted the club’s management to start a massive summer roster revamp.

Alvaro Vazquez, Edu Bedia, Aibanbha Dohling, and Anwar Ali were just a few of the players who left the team to make room for new recruits including Udanta Singh, Sandesh Jhingan, Raynier Fernandes, Rowllin Borges, Boris Singh, Narayan Das, Carl McHugh, Victor Rodriguez, and Odei Onaindia. In addition, the team welcomed newcomers Carlos Martinez, Paulo Retre, and Jay Gupta, who will be making their ISL debuts.

Marquez emphasized the value of collaboration in achieving success and the significance of integrating these new players into the club. He feels that a team’s unity is what makes it strong, and that in order to have a good season, players must work together as a unit.

Noah Sadaoui, who had a standout ISL season, contributing 20 goals (11 goals and 9 assists), expressed his delight about rejoining with his squad. He praised the new recruits, including Raynier Fernandes, Sandesh Jhingan, and Udanta Singh, all of whom he had previously faced as rivals. Sadaoui is thrilled to have these gifted athletes on the FC Goa team.

Udanta Singh, who left Bengaluru FC after nine years to join FC Goa, offered his opinion on the change. He emphasized his excitement for the change and his dedication to his new squad. Udanta is now focused on his new path with FC Goa, even if it was difficult to meet former teammates and return to Bengaluru for the Media Day. He thinks that the squad will have a successful season if they play consistently and take advantage of opportunities.

Muhammed Nemil, a Reliance Foundation Academy alumnus, talked about how he became a football player. He commended the academy’s all-encompassing strategy, which extends beyond football and incorporates academics, personal growth, and career advancement. Nemil regards the academy as one of the greatest in India and attributes his development as a player to it.

Nemil also appreciated the ISL’s contribution to the growth of Indian soccer. He pointed out that the league has improved the country’s football scene by enhancing facilities and providing opportunities for players.

There is a sense of expectation as FC Goa begins the new ISL season. The club is aiming for a successful season with a mix of seasoned players and fresh talent under Manolo Marquez’s leadership. The ISL’s expansion and the possibilities it offers athletes like Udanta Singh, Sadaoui, and Nemil emphasize the league’s influence on Indian football and its part in developing the next wave of football superstars.

In conclusion, FC Goa is well on with its ISL season preparations and is prepared to face the opposition. They hope to return to the playoffs and contend for the championship with a revitalized team and an emphasis on cooperation. The ISL is still a key factor in the advancement of Indian football, giving young players a chance to succeed and fostering the sport’s expansion throughout the nation.

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