Waqar Younis claims that Shaheen’s bowling lacks discipline: CWC 2023

Waqar Younis claims
Waqar Younis claims

Waqar Younis claims that Shaheen’s bowling lacks discipline

In the fast-paced world of cricket, the importance of a skilled and disciplined bowler cannot be overstated. One such player who has been facing challenges in this aspect is Pakistan’s Shaheen Shah Afridi. The young pacer has been struggling with his pace and fitness, resulting in lackluster performances at the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. However, legendary cricketer Waqar Younis has offered valuable advice to Afridi, urging him to take inspiration from India’s Jasprit Bumrah, who has been setting the standard in bowling discipline at the tournament.

The Struggles of Shaheen Shah Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi, known for his explosive pace and ability to swing the ball, has failed to make a significant impact in the World Cup so far. In three games, he has managed to secure only four wickets but at a steep cost of 139 runs. There have been concerns about his fitness, and his lack of bowling discipline has been evident. Afridi often tries too hard to take wickets, relying heavily on his yorker delivery. However, this predictability allows batsmen to anticipate and prepare for his bowling, diminishing his effectiveness on the field.

Waqar Younis’ Valuable Advice

Waqar Younis, one of Pakistan’s cricketing legends and a respected commentator, has pinpointed the missing link in Afridi’s bowling – discipline. Younis believes that Afridi needs to focus on maintaining discipline in his bowling rather than solely aiming for wickets. By doing the same thing repeatedly, like relying heavily on yorkers, Afridi becomes predictable, allowing batsmen to adjust and counter his deliveries effectively. Younis suggests that Afridi should look to India’s Jasprit Bumrah as a role model for bowling discipline.

Jasprit Bumrah: A Top-Class Bowler

Jasprit Bumrah, India’s leading fast bowler, has been in outstanding form in the World Cup. With eight wickets to his name at an impressive average of just 11.52, Bumrah has emerged as the joint top wicket-taker in the tournament so far. What sets Bumrah apart is his ability to create pressure on batsmen with his line and length. He consistently targets the top of the off stump, making it difficult for batsmen to score freely against him. Bumrah’s disciplined approach and ability to vary his deliveries have proven to be highly effective.

Learning from Bumrah’s Example

Waqar Younis urges Afridi to study Bumrah’s bowling style and incorporate elements of his discipline into his own game. By observing Bumrah’s line and length, Afridi can learn how to create pressure on batsmen and increase his chances of taking wickets. It is crucial for Afridi to understand the importance of varying his deliveries, not solely relying on one particular type of delivery. By diversifying his bowling arsenal, Afridi can keep batsmen guessing and make it more challenging for them to anticipate his next move.

The Impact of Naseem Shah’s Absence

Afridi’s struggles have been further compounded by the absence of his regular new-ball partner, Naseem Shah, who was ruled out of the World Cup due to a shoulder injury. Naseem Shah’s presence in the team would have provided Afridi with much-needed support and allowed him to focus on his own game without shouldering the entire burden of the new-ball attack. With Shah’s ability to create pressure and restrict the flow of runs, batsmen would have been forced to take risks against other bowlers, potentially leading to more wickets for Afridi.

Lacking Discipline: Pakistan’s Bowling Woes

Waqar Younis believes that Pakistan’s bowling as a whole has been lacking discipline in the World Cup. The team has played three games, winning two and losing one, but the inconsistency in their bowling performances is evident. Younis emphasizes the importance of simplicity and keeping it straightforward. By focusing on the basics and maintaining discipline in their bowling, the Pakistani bowlers can create more opportunities and put pressure on the opposition. It is not just the absence of one bowler but rather a collective effort that is required to improve their performance.

Shaheen Shah Afridi: A Rising Star

Despite the recent struggles, Shaheen Shah Afridi has shown immense potential in the world of cricket. At the age of 23, he has already made a name for himself by leading Pakistan’s new-ball attack. In the 2019 World Cup, Afridi took 16 wickets in five games, showcasing his ability to perform on the big stage. He has been compared to the legendary left-arm pacer Wasim Akram, who is regarded as one of the best in the history of the game. However, it is essential to recognize that Afridi is still a young player with room for growth and development.


Shaheen Shah Afridi’s struggles with pace and bowling discipline have been apparent in the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. However, with the valuable advice from Waqar Younis and inspiration from the disciplined bowling of Jasprit Bumrah, Afridi has an opportunity to turn things around. By focusing on maintaining discipline, varying his deliveries, and observing Bumrah’s line and length, Afridi can enhance his effectiveness as a bowler. With time and experience, Afridi has the potential to become a formidable force in international cricket and make a significant impact in future tournaments.

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