Cricket Australia fired Mitchell Johnson following his column criticizing David Warner

Cricket Australia fired Mitchell Johnson
Cricket Australia fired Mitchell Johnson

Cricket Australia fired Mitchell Johnson following his column criticizing David Warner

In a shocking turn of events, former Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson has been sacked by Cricket Australia from speaking at two public functions. This decision by Cricket Australia came after Johnson’s explosive column, where he raised questions about David Warner’s place in the Test team and criticized the decision to give Warner a hero’s farewell despite his involvement in the infamous “sandpaper gate” scandal in South Africa in 2018. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the controversy surrounding Mitchell Johnson’s column and his subsequent sacking by Cricket Australia.

Mitchell Johnson’s Scathing Column

Mitchell Johnson’s column, published in The West Australian, created a storm in the cricketing world. In the column, Johnson questioned David Warner’s place in the Test team and expressed his surprise at Warner being given a hero’s farewell. Johnson raised concerns about Warner’s struggles with form over the past three years and his involvement in the ball-tampering incident in South Africa. He argued that Warner’s performance did not justify a place in the team and suggested that it was time for Australia to consider blooding new players.

Cricket Australia’s Response

Cricket Australia swiftly responded to Mitchell Johnson’s column, expressing their disappointment with the personal nature of his criticisms. In a statement to News Corp, a spokesperson for Cricket Australia stated that while Mitchell Johnson is one of Australia’s most celebrated bowlers, they felt it was in everyone’s best interests to not have him as the guest speaker at their functions. Cricket Australia’s decision to stand down Johnson from the speaking engagements at the Perth Test was driven by the vitriol with which he treated Warner and Bailey in his controversial column.

Sacking from Speaking Functions

As a consequence of his scathing column, Mitchell Johnson was removed from two speaking functions that were scheduled to be held at Optus Stadium in Perth during the Test match between Australia and Pakistan. Cricket Australia believed that it would be inappropriate for Johnson to be the guest speaker at these events, given the contentious nature of his column. Former Australian batsman Michael Hussey was brought in as a replacement for Johnson at the functions.

Johnson’s Commentary Role

While there were initial rumors that Mitchell Johnson’s commentary role on Triple M radio had also been affected by the controversy, he ultimately continued to commentate on the game. Johnson’s name was initially missing from the roster of commentators released by the radio channel, leading to speculation about his replacement. However, he did fulfill his commentary duties, providing insights and analysis during the Test match.

Johnson’s Regrets and Reflections

In the aftermath of the uproar caused by his column, Mitchell Johnson expressed some regrets about certain aspects of his article. He acknowledged that the references to “Bunnings” and the “sandpaper” were distasteful and unnecessary. Johnson clarified that his intention was not to bring up old controversies but to offer a holistic assessment of Warner’s performance and the decision to give him a farewell. Despite these regrets, Johnson stood by his overall opinions and arguments presented in the column.

Justin Langer’s Criticism

Former Australia coach Justin Langer criticized Mitchell Johnson for publicly airing grievances about fellow players. In an article written in The West Australian, Langer expressed his dislike for former players publicly criticizing each other. Langer emphasized the importance of maintaining mutual respect within the Australian cricket culture and encouraged players to praise each other in public and address concerns privately. Langer’s comments highlighted the unwritten rule among former players to avoid public criticism.

Warner’s Form and Contributions

David Warner’s performances during the Test match against Pakistan played a significant role in the ongoing debate. While Mitchell Johnson questioned Warner’s place in the team, Warner silenced his critics with a brilliant 164 runs in the first innings of the Perth Test. This century reaffirmed his value to the team and secured his place for the remainder of the series. Warner’s recent form, including a successful World Cup campaign, indicated an improvement from his previous struggles.

The Sandpaper Scandal and Warner’s Redemption

The “sandpaper gate” scandal, which rocked Australian cricket in 2018, involved David Warner, along with Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft, being found guilty of ball tampering during a Test match against South Africa. Warner received a 12-month ban from international and domestic cricket for his role in the incident. He later withdrew his application to have his lifetime leadership ban overturned, accusing the independent panel conducting the review of wanting to publicly humiliate him. Warner’s redemption and return to form have been a topic of discussion and scrutiny.

Warner’s Response to Criticism

In response to the criticism from Mitchell Johnson and others, David Warner remained focused on his performance and the team’s success. Warner acknowledged that external criticism is inevitable but emphasized his commitment to scoring runs and contributing to the team’s success. He stated that he does not feel any extra pressure or the need to prove himself and that his focus is on delivering for the team.

Future Selection and Farewell

Despite his recent century and contributions to the team, David Warner understands that he will need to consistently perform to secure his place in the team. Warner expressed his willingness to continue playing for Australia as long as he continues to justify his selection through his performance. While it remains to be seen whether Warner will be given a farewell in Sydney, he is determined to make the most of his opportunities and contribute to the team’s success.


The controversy surrounding Mitchell Johnson’s scathing column and subsequent sacking by Cricket Australia has sparked intense debate within the cricketing community. Johnson’s criticisms of David Warner’s place in the Test team and the decision to give him a hero’s farewell have divided opinions. While Cricket Australia stood by their decision to remove Johnson from the speaking functions, the impact of his column and the subsequent discussions highlight the passionate nature of cricket and the importance of mutual respect among players and former players. As the debate continues, Warner’s performances and contributions will shape the narrative moving forward.

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