How Blurred Vision Impacted Shakib Al Hasan’s Performance in the 2023 World Cup

How Blurred Vision Impacted
How Blurred Vision Impacted

How Blurred Vision Impacted Shakib Al Hasan’s Performance in the 2023 World Cup

The ICC World Cup 2023 was a challenging tournament for Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan. Despite being a veteran cricketer and known for his exceptional skills, Shakib struggled to perform at his best. In a surprising revelation, he has now disclosed that he played the entire global tournament with blurred vision, which was caused by stress-related issues. This article delves into the impact of his eye problem on his performance, his struggles against short-pitched deliveries, the importance of proper leadership, and his plans.

What went wrong with Shakib Al Hasan’s batting performance in the recent World Cup? Following their terrible showing in the main event, it remained a hot topic in Bangladesh. The senior player has now disclosed to Cricbuzz that he spent the entire World Cup in pain due to clouded vision caused by stress-related ailments.

Shakib, who put on a fantastic all-round performance in the 2019 World Cup, scoring 606 runs and taking 11 wickets, was expected to lead from the front in the 2023 edition in India. However, the ODI captain, who missed two games of the 2023 World Cup owing to injury, had a disappointing tournament with the bat, scoring only 186 runs in seven matches at an average of 26.57.

Shakib made headlines after returning to Bangladesh in the middle of the competition for a lengthy batting practice with his childhood guru, Nazmul Abedin. But that didn’t help much because the left-hander was plagued by short deliveries throughout the event. During the showcase event in India, he was observed batting with a modified stance, which was not quite the way he usually bats.

Cricbuzz discovered that he had clouded vision on one side of his left eye as a result of stress, which had a significant impact on his batting. “It wasn’t just in one or two games in the World Cup; I had it (the eye problem) throughout the World Cup,” Shakib told Cricbuzz on Sunday (December 24) in his home town Magura, where he is campaigning for parliamentary seats.

The Impact of Blurred Vision

Shakib Al Hasan’s batting performance in the 2023 World Cup raised questions among fans and experts alike. In seven matches, he managed to score only 186 runs at an average of 26.57, a below-par performance compared to his previous World Cup outing in 2019. It was later revealed that he was battling blurred vision throughout the tournament, which affected his ability to see the ball clearly.

In an interview with Cricbuzz, Shakib admitted that the blurred vision in his left eye persisted throughout the World Cup. He described the discomfort he felt while facing the ball, unsure of its line and length. To address his eye problem, he visited a doctor who diagnosed water in his cornea or retina. The doctor prescribed drops and advised him to reduce stress, although Shakib remains uncertain if stress was the root cause of his eye problem.

Struggles Against Short-pitched Deliveries

One noticeable aspect of Shakib’s performance in the 2023 World Cup was his vulnerability against short-pitched deliveries. The blurred vision compounded his difficulties in reading the line and length of the ball accurately. This struggle was evident in his batting technique, as he was frequently seen trying to adapt his stance to combat the short-pitched deliveries. However, his efforts were not entirely successful, leading to inconsistent performances throughout the tournament.

The Importance of Proper Leadership

Shakib Al Hasan, a seasoned cricketer, highlighted the significance of proper leadership. While he did not directly blame his captaincy for his stress, he expressed that having the captaincy role assigned to him earlier would have been beneficial. Shakib believed that if he had been given more time to prepare and align the team with his philosophy of play, the results might have been different. He acknowledged that the team’s performance in the World Cup, as well as their overall ODI performances in 2023, did not meet expectations.

Future Plans and Political Aspirations

Despite the challenges he faced in the 2023 World Cup, Shakib Al Hasan remains committed to cricket. He emphasized that he can manage both cricket and politics simultaneously, dispelling concerns about his dedication to the sport. As he entered the realm of politics, he assured that there would be no conflicts between his political involvement and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

Shakib’s dedication to cricket is evident as he withdrew his name from the IPL 2024 auction and PSL draft to focus more on international cricket. After recovering from his finger injury, he aims to return to action in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) following his participation in the country’s 12th parliamentary elections scheduled for January 7.


Shakib Al Hasan’s revelation about playing with blurred vision throughout the 2023 World Cup sheds light on the challenges he faced and the impact it had on his performance. Despite his struggles, Shakib remains determined to continue his cricketing journey while actively engaging in politics. As one of Bangladesh’s most prominent cricketers, his perseverance and dedication to both fields will undoubtedly shape his future endeavors.

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