The Top 5 Most Impressive Wicket Celebrations in Cricket Right Now

The Top 5 Most Impressive Wicket
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The Top 5 Most Impressive Wicket Celebrations in Cricket Right Now

Cricket is not only a sport that captivates fans with its fierce competition and thrilling moments, but it also provides opportunities for players to showcase their unique personalities and celebrate their achievements on the field. One of the most exciting moments in cricket is when a bowler takes a wicket, and the subsequent celebration adds a touch of flair to the game. In this article, we will explore the top five most impressive wicket celebrations by active bowlers in cricket today.

1. Kevin Sinclair – The Double Somersault Celebration

Starting off our list is Kevin Sinclair, a talented off-spin bowler from the West Indies. Sinclair has gained attention for his jaw-dropping double somersault celebration after taking a wicket. This celebration has become his trademark and never fails to amaze the cricket fans.

Sinclair, who has represented the West Indies in both ODIs and T20Is, has executed his double somersault celebration on multiple occasions, but it gained the most attention during a pink-ball Test match against Australia. His athleticism and acrobatic skills make his celebration truly impressive and entertaining to watch.

2. Mohammed Siraj – The Siuuu Celebration

Next on our list is Mohammed Siraj, an Indian fast bowler who has emerged as one of the most improved pacers in world cricket. Siraj has not only honed his bowling skills but has also added a fantastic celebration to his game.

After taking an important wicket, Siraj celebrates with a move inspired by football star Cristiano Ronaldo – the Siuuu celebration. This celebration involves Siraj raising his arms and shouting “Siuuu” to express his joy and exuberance. It has become a trademark celebration for Siraj and is loved by fans around the world.

3. Tabraiz Shamsi – The Shoe-Call Celebration

Tabraiz Shamsi, a left-arm wrist-spinner from South Africa, is known for his unique and entertaining celebrations on the cricket field. While he has performed various magic tricks after taking wickets, his most captivating celebration is the shoe-call.

During this celebration, Shamsi takes off one of his shoes and pretends to make a phone call. The celebration is a tribute to his hero, Imran Tahir, another renowned spinner, with whom Shamsi has worked closely. This celebration not only showcases Shamsi’s skills as a spinner but also adds an element of fun and excitement to the game.

4. Sheldon Cottrell – The Salute Celebration

Sheldon Cottrell, a West Indian fast bowler, is known for his military-style salute celebration. Cottrell, who has a background in the army, marches as if he is in a parade after taking a wicket. He then performs a crisp salute and pumps up the crowd in grand style.

Cottrell’s salute celebration is a show of respect to the Jamaica Defence Force, and it has become one of the most iconic and recognizable celebrations in cricket. His precision in executing the salute and his energy on the field make his celebration a sight to behold.

5. Wayne Parnell – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Zen Celebration

Last but not least, we have Wayne Parnell, a left-arm fast bowler from South Africa. Parnell has chosen to adopt Cristiano Ronaldo’s Zen celebration after taking a wicket.

In a video shared by Proteas Men on Instagram, Parnell revealed that he has been a fan of Ronaldo for a long time, admiring his resilience and never-say-die attitude. Parnell replicates Ronaldo’s Zen celebration, which involves crossing his arms in front of his chest and taking a deep breath, showcasing his calm and composed demeanor on the cricket field.


Wicket celebrations bring an extra element of excitement and entertainment to the game of cricket. Each player on this list has their unique style, which adds a touch of personality and flair to their achievements on the field. Whether it’s Kevin Sinclair’s acrobatics, Mohammed Siraj’s exuberant Siuuu celebration, Tabraiz Shamsi’s shoe-call, Sheldon Cottrell’s salute, or Wayne Parnell’s Zen celebration, these bowlers have mastered the art of celebrating their wickets in a way that captivates fans and showcases their individuality. As cricket continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more creative and impressive wicket celebrations in the future.

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