Hardik Pandya gets booed at Wankhede as he Captains Mumbai for the first time at the Home Stadium: Mumbai Indians New Captain gets booed

Hardik Pandya gets booed
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Hardik Pandya gets booed at Wankhede as he Captains Mumbai for the first time at the Home Stadium: Mumbai Indians New Captain gets booed

Hardik Pandya’s debut as captain at the iconic Wankhede Stadium, leading the Mumbai Indians, didn’t quite unfold as a fairy tale. Instead of a warm reception, he was met with a chorus of boos from the home crowd, who resoundingly cheered for the former captain, Rohit Sharma, during the toss. The echoes of support for Sharma reverberated long before the match commenced, underscoring the sentiments of the ardent fans queued outside the stadium.

Turmoil in the Ranks:

The transition in captaincy seems to have stirred a cauldron of discontent among Mumbai Indians’ faithful. The fervor has escalated to such an extent that even R Ashwin, another stalwart of Indian cricket, felt compelled to urge fans not to amplify the change and extend due respect to Pandya, emphasizing his stature as a fellow cricketer hailing from the same soil.

Manjrekar’s Plea:

The disapproval towards Pandya was palpable enough to catch the attention of Sanjay Manjrekar during the toss. His impromptu plea to the crowd to ‘behave’ stands as a testament to the unexpected turn of events. Despite Manjrekar’s appeal, fate had its twist reserved for the Mumbai crowd.

Rohit’s Early Exit:

In a twist of irony, Rohit Sharma, the beloved former captain, endured a dismal start, being dismissed for a golden duck—marking only the fifth instance of such a fate in IPL history. The aura of jubilation that greeted Sharma’s departure was, however, short-lived.

Boult’s Fiery Spell:

The fiery pace of Trent Boult, a former Mumbai Indians’ asset, proved ominous for the top order. Naman Dhir swiftly followed Sharma’s departure to the pavilion, falling victim to Boult’s venomous deliveries, just like Sharma, dismissed for a first-ball duck. The woes for Mumbai Indians didn’t end there as Dewald Brevis joined the ignominious club, courtesy of Boult. This rare occurrence marked the sixth instance in IPL history where three of the top four batters succumbed to ducks in an innings, all off the first ball.

Mumbai Indians’ Dilemma:

The Mumbai Indians find themselves at a crossroads with the tumultuous reception for their new captain and the unexpected collapse of their top order. With the departure of Rohit Sharma, a seasoned campaigner, and the failure of subsequent batters to make an impact, the pressure mounted on the middle order becomes palpable.

Pandya’s Captaincy Test:

As Pandya steps into the leadership role for the first time at the helm of Mumbai Indians, the adversity encountered at Wankhede Stadium serves as a litmus test for his leadership mettle. Navigating through the turbulent waters of fan dissent and on-field challenges, Pandya’s ability to rally his troops and steer the team towards success will be closely scrutinized in the coming matches.

Fan Sentiments and Team Dynamics:

The clash of fan sentiments and team dynamics underscores the intricacies of cricket beyond the boundary ropes. While the fans express their allegiance and expectations vociferously, the players grapple with the weight of those expectations and the demands of performance on the field.


The tumultuous reception for Pandya at Wankhede Stadium, juxtaposed with Rohit Sharma’s early exit and Boult’s blistering spell, encapsulates the roller-coaster ride that IPL often presents. As Mumbai Indians navigate through this season under new leadership, the fervent hopes of the fans remain tethered to their beloved team’s fortunes, poised for more twists and turns as the tournament progresses. In the crucible of IPL’s high stakes and intense competition, only time will tell how the Mumbai Indians rise to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

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