Argentina makes a Spectacular Come back

Argentina Spectacular Come back

Argentina makes a Spectacular Come back

The world cup tournament wasn’t going so well for Argentina, especially after the humiliating defeat from Saudi Arabia. That upset was quite shocking for not only the fans but also the players. The goalkeeper playing for Argentina said that after he failed to stop the two goals scored by Saudi Arabia, he had to seek mental help as he was mentally disturbed.

Other than that, they also failed to perform against other teams. Although they did win the games, but only scored a goal or two against weaker teams. However, experts of the game said that Argentina was yet to face a competitive team in the world cup, and they will have to defend and attack extraordinarily to win the game.

However, it is safe to say that Argentina has finally come back into the game with a 2,0 over Poland, a competitive team. The next team they have to face is Australia, but will still face Poland in the knockout stage due to goal difference. After their massive streak of 36-match wins in the world cup was broken by the Saudi team, they played in their full form to beat Poland.

The Polish team played a clean game with fewer yellow and red cards but failed to control the ball and shoot shots at the target, thus reducing the probability to score any goal. On the other hand, Argentina had more possession of the ball and continued shooting at the target.

However, this domination wasn’t restricted to just the field, the fans were also a larger number in comparison with the Polish fans. They filled most of the 974 Stadium with fans waving their National flags to support their team. After their defeat from Saudi Arabia, many were hoping for their return to the game and they have truly made their fans proud.

They needed that Messi Majic! The game was played with a much higher intensity and Jubilance as Messi showed his major tricks on the field. Moreover, he had an unlucky moment on the field too, when Messi missed a penalty chance.

Although Argentina dominated the first half, they failed to score any goal. The penalty could have been a chance, but it was missed. We can’t say a miss from Argentina because it was a spectacular save from Wojciech Szczesny, the polish goalkeeper.

Messi has now appeared 22 times for the national team, surpassing Maradona who appeared for a total of 21 games. The null deadlock was broken by Alexis mac Allister in the 46th minute of the game just after the kick-off. Other than that, their passing ratio was also very high with the most number of successful passes than any other team in the world cup.

It gave them a competitive edge over the opposing team who rather failed in performing to their level best. The polish team needs to work on their player coordination because they were lacking it in this game. In simpler words, Argentina displayed a better performance, and, hence they deserved to win the game.

After tonight’s win, Argentina has joined mega teams such as Spain, France, England, and Brazil in showing what they are truly capable of. Talking the second goal, was a spectacular shot toward the goal by Alvarez.

However, all the credit for the goal goes to a staggering pass from the 21-year-old player from Benefica Enzo Fernandez. In the end, the support from the crowd and sheer determination from the players helped them in achieving this crucial win.

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