Ranji Trophy: Mumbai Looks to Regain Momentum

Ranji Trophy Mumbai

In Ranji Trophy, Mumbai looks to regain Momentum as Tamil Nadu continues the occasion at Brabourne Stadium on Tuesday. Mumbai stayed into the game as they dominated Saurashtra, while when you talk, there was a drop match of Tamil Nadu against Delhi held in Kolkata.

As Mumbai is part of Group B, they stay at the top of the points Table with 13 points. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu stands in the sixth position on the points table with eight teams in the competition.

But still, this match is very influential for Tamil Nadu as they require three more points to qualify for the quarterfinals. To be eligible for the game, Tamil Nadu needs to draw the game with Mumbai, and this is only possible when they win the toss and decide to innings first.

At the beginning of the game, Tamil Nadu held a strong position against Hyderabad and Delhi on the points table.

When Andhra dominated Tamil Nadu in the Second Round of the tournament, bad luck knocked at Tamil Nadu’s door because they could not finish the game with a winning end. After the defeat against Andhra, they come to the sixth number position at the Points Table.

You can say that a game with Mumbai will be troubleshooting for Tamil Nadu. Suryakumar is not participating in the game, and Captain Ajinkya Rahane assured him their team would win the match as they dominated Saurashtra.

Rahane said during the day break that no matter whether we win or lose still, we are a team no points whether we win or lose still we are a team. The thing that matters is ensuring how we are playing our games and how consistent we are during the match.

He assured me that the team was very confident about winning the game. He said: every unit is respectable, and we know how powerful every team is, but still, we are consistent in our games, and we will win the match. Ajinkya Rahane claims they will play a strong game and dominate the opponent.

On the other hand, when you talk about Mumbai, although Suryakumar Yadav is not in action for Mumbai, Mumbai still has a strong batting line. In the batting line, Mumbai still has Prithvi Shaw, Yashasvi Jaiswal will play as an opener, and in the middle of the game, Mumbai has Ajinkya Rahane. Arman Jaffer will compensate Suryakumar.

Ajinkya Rahane also gave some guidelines to the team. He said that positive behavior matters a lot in the game. Although you lose or win the game, your attitude helps you in staying consistent in the game. Also, positive behavior leads you to success. So Ajinkya Rahane’ team aims to play with consistency and a positive attitude.

At the same time, the captain of the team Tamil Nadu, Baba Indrajit, stated that the match against Mumbai was significant for Tamil Nadu. He said their bowling line helped them control the enormous score again in Delhi. However, in the game against Mumbai, he expects the top players of the batting line to play with full potential and set an unbeatable target for Mumbai.

Captain of the squad, Indrajit expressed his feelings for the game; he said this one match is significant for us to qualify for the quarterfinals. As some teams are eliminated, we still exist at the bottom of the points table.

He aimed that his team was strong enough to dominate, but there was a bit of bad luck for the team against Delhi, which negatively impacted their position at the points table.

Despite expressing his feelings about the importance of this game, he also stated that he would not pressure his team to win; they would do their best. However, this massive victory will boost their confidence to beat the other games if they win the match. He said if we lost the game, we would wait for the right time for a stunning and unbeatable victory.


Ranji Trophy: Mumbai

Ranji Trophy: Mumbai Looks to Regain Momentum

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