India vs Pakistan World Cup match: PCB complains to ICC over inappropriate behavior: CWC 2023

India vs Pakistan World Cup match
India vs Pakistan World Cup match

India vs Pakistan World Cup match: PCB complains to ICC over inappropriate behavior

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken a significant step by lodging an official complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding the alleged inappropriate conduct of the Ahmedabad crowd during the highly anticipated World Cup match between Pakistan and India. The match, held on October 14th at the Narendra Modi Stadium, was indeed an event of colossal significance in the cricketing world. India secured a resounding seven-wicket victory over Pakistan in front of a staggering crowd of over 120,000 spectators. However, what was expected to be a thrilling cricket encounter was marred by issues related to crowd behavior, visa delays for Pakistani journalists, and the absence of a clear visa policy for Pakistan fans attending the World Cup.

PCB’s Protest Against Inappropriate Conduct

In a statement released by the PCB, they expressed their deep concern over the behavior of the crowd during the match and took the step of filing an official complaint with the ICC. The board also highlighted two other significant issues: the delays in granting visas to Pakistani journalists and the lack of a visa policy for Pakistan fans attending the World Cup. These concerns are indicative of a broader issue that extends beyond the boundaries of the cricket field.

Pakistan Team Director’s Disappointment

Pakistan’s team director, Mickey Arthur, expressed his profound disappointment at the atmosphere during the match. He likened it to a bilateral series rather than an ICC event. This is noteworthy as ICC events are known for their vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, celebrating the diversity of cricket and its global fan base. Mickey Arthur specifically noted the absence of Pakistani music, particularly mentioning the iconic anthem “Dil, Dil Pakistan,”

which is traditionally played during Pakistan games at ICC events. The limited number of Pakistan fans present at the stadium was attributed to the challenges faced in obtaining visas. These challenges have implications not only for the atmosphere at the matches but also for the inclusivity of the global cricket community.

Specific Incidents of Inappropriate Behavior

Apart from the overall atmosphere, the PCB’s complaint also cited specific incidents of inappropriate conduct towards the Pakistan squad. Videos circulating on social media captured fans chanting religious-centric taunts at players such as Mohammad Rizwan and Hasan Ali. Such behavior is not only disrespectful but also against the spirit of sportsmanship that cricket embodies. Mohammad Rizwan was subjected to these chants as he made his way back to the dressing room after being dismissed by Jasprit Bumrah. Similarly, Hasan Ali faced similar taunts while fielding during India’s chase. Such incidents have no place in the gentleman’s game and raise concerns about the impact of a negative atmosphere on players.

ICC’s Anti-Discrimination Policy

The complaint lodged by the PCB refers to section 11 of the ICC’s anti-discrimination policy for international cricket. This section emphasizes the responsibility of the ICC and its members to prevent inappropriate conduct by spectators during international matches. The policy states that any incidents of misconduct should be promptly addressed by the respective member board or the ICC itself. This underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity and reputation of the sport by holding all stakeholders accountable for their actions.

According to the policy, an anti-discrimination administrator, appointed by the host board, is responsible for logging any such incidents and submitting a report to the ICC’s representative on the anti-discrimination department within two weeks. This highlights the structured approach taken by the ICC to address issues related to crowd behavior and discrimination, ensuring that it is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Delays in Visas for Journalists and Fans

In addition to crowd behavior, the PCB’s complaint also highlights the issue of delayed visas for Pakistani journalists and the absence of a clear visa policy for Pakistan fans. The PCB had previously raised concerns about the difficulties faced by journalists in obtaining visas to cover the World Cup. These delays have real implications on the coverage of the event and the ability of journalists to provide comprehensive and timely reporting. The limited number of Pakistani journalists present at the match in Ahmedabad is a direct result of these delays. A diverse and robust media presence is vital for the promotion of the sport and for providing fans with access to a range of perspectives and insights.

The absence of Pakistani fans at the stadium further emphasizes the need for a comprehensive visa policy to facilitate the participation of Pakistan supporters. Cricket thrives on the passionate and dedicated support of its fans, and their presence adds to the electric atmosphere of matches. The PCB’s protest seeks to address these issues and ensure a fair and inclusive environment for all stakeholders involved in the World Cup.

Pakistan’s World Cup Journey

The match against India marked Pakistan’s first defeat in the ODI World Cup, following victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka. The loss extended Pakistan’s losing streak against India in World Cup encounters to eight matches. It is important to recognize that cricket is a sport filled with unpredictabilities and ups and downs. Despite the setback, Pakistan will now shift their focus to their upcoming match against Australia in Bengaluru. The team will be determined to bounce back from their defeat and secure a positive result against the struggling Australian side. Such resilience is a testament to the spirit of competition that defines the world of cricket.


The PCB’s decision to file a complaint with the ICC regarding the inappropriate conduct of the crowd during the India vs Pakistan World Cup match highlights the importance of maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment in cricket. The board’s protest also draws attention to the delays in granting visas to Pakistani journalists and the absence of a visa policy for Pakistan fans. As the World Cup progresses, it is imperative that steps are taken to address these concerns and ensure that the tournament is a fair and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Cricket is not just a sport; it’s a global phenomenon that unites people from different backgrounds and cultures. The spirit of cricket, as famously outlined in the “Spirit of Cricket” preamble by the MCC, emphasizes values like respect, integrity, and inclusivity. These values should extend beyond the playing field and be reflected in the conduct of spectators, the treatment of journalists, and the policies that govern the sport.

It is in the best interests of cricket’s future that these issues are addressed promptly and effectively. Cricket should remain a sport that unites people, celebrates diversity, and promotes a sense of belonging for all fans and participants. The PCB’s complaint serves as a reminder that these values must be upheld, and the game should be played and enjoyed in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect.

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