Ricky Ponting praises Rohit as the captain of the “team to beat” in CWC 2023

Ricky Ponting praises Rohit
Ricky Ponting praises Rohit

Ricky Ponting praises Rohit as the captain

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has witnessed India’s spectacular performance, led by the exceptional captaincy of Rohit Sharma. With three consecutive victories against Australia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, India has emerged as a formidable force in the tournament. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has praised Rohit Sharma for his laid-back demeanor and highlighted his ability to handle pressure, making him the ideal leader for the Indian team. In this article, we delve into the captivating leadership qualities of Rohit Sharma, exploring his tactical acumen, remarkable batting prowess, and the impact he has had on the team’s success.

Rohit Sharma: A Laid-Back Leader

Rohit Sharma‘s laid-back attitude has been a defining trait of his captaincy. As pointed out by Ricky Ponting, Rohit’s calm and composed demeanor reflects both on and off the field. His unflappable nature allows him to make astute decisions under pressure, contributing to India’s triumphs in the World Cup thus far. Despite the enormity of the tournament, Rohit has demonstrated the ability to cope with the pressure, making him an ideal captain for the Indian team.

Tactical Acumen and Decision-Making

One of the key aspects of Rohit Sharma’s captaincy has been his impeccable tactical acumen. He has consistently made shrewd decisions on the field, showcasing a deep understanding of the game. From setting the right field placements to making timely bowling changes, Rohit has displayed astute leadership, guiding his team to success. His ability to read the game and adapt to different situations has been instrumental in India’s victories.

Stellar Batting Performances

Rohit Sharma’s leadership is not limited to his strategic acumen; his batting performances have also been exceptional. Against Afghanistan, Rohit played a magnificent innings, scoring 131 runs off just 84 balls. His aggressive batting style, accompanied by impeccable shot selection, led India to a resounding victory. In the match against Pakistan, Rohit continued his sensational form by scoring a quickfire 86 runs off 63 balls, propelling India to a comprehensive seven-wicket win. His ability to dominate the opposition with his batting prowess has made him a force to be reckoned with in the tournament.

Rohit Sharma vs. Virat Kohli: Contrasting Leadership Styles

Ricky Ponting drew a comparison between Rohit Sharma and his predecessor, Virat Kohli, highlighting their contrasting leadership styles. While Kohli is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve and being more responsive to external factors, Rohit’s laid-back nature allows him to remain focused and composed. Ponting suggested that Rohit’s personality makes him better equipped to handle the pressure of the World Cup, as he does not let external factors affect his decision-making or performance.

The Team to Beat: India’s Dominance

India’s impressive performance in the World Cup has solidified their status as the team to beat. With victories against strong opponents like Australia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, they have showcased their all-round strength and depth in talent. The combination of their formidable fast bowling attack, skillful spinners, and a powerful top-order and middle-order batting lineup makes them a formidable force. India’s ability to handle pressure and perform consistently bodes well for their World Cup campaign.

Rohit Sharma’s Role as a Great Player and Leader

Rohit Sharma’s contributions to Indian cricket extend beyond his captaincy. With a remarkable record of 30 ODI hundreds and 82 ODI half-centuries, he has established himself as one of the finest batsmen in the world. His leadership skills have further enhanced his reputation, as he continues to inspire and guide his teammates. Ponting raises the question of how they will handle extreme pressure as the competition progresses. A terrific bloke both on and off the field, Rohit Sharma has proven himself to be a great player and a successful leader for the Indian team.

The Long-Awaited World Cup Victory

India’s quest for a World Cup victory has been long-standing, with their last triumph dating back to 2011. Rohit Sharma, at the age of 36, has the opportunity to end India’s 10-year-long ICC title drought. As he leads the team on home soil, the expectations are high, but Rohit’s calm and composed approach instills confidence in his teammates and fans alike. With his exceptional leadership and batting prowess, he is determined to guide India to glory in the World Cup.


Rohit Sharma’s laid-back leadership has brought a new dimension to the Indian team in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. His tactical acumen, remarkable batting performances, and ability to handle pressure make him an ideal captain for the Indian team. As India continues their journey in the tournament, all eyes are on Rohit Sharma, who has the potential to lead his team to victory and etch his name in cricketing history. With his captivating leadership, Rohit Sharma has become a symbol of inspiration and resilience for the Indian team, igniting hopes of a glorious World Cup triumph.

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